Q: What is the age limit to get in?

A: Must be 21 years of age with a valid Government Issued ID to consume alcoholic beverages at Malibu’s Surf Bar. Malibu’s Surf Bar will allow anyone with a valid Government Issued ID 18 years and older to enter.

Q: What are the hours of operation?

A:  In Season (March 1st – October 1st) Malibu’s Tiki Bar & Malibu’s Surf Bar are open 7 days a Malibu’s Tiki Bar opens nightly at 7pm with live with live acoustic music. Malibu’s Surf Bar is open weekdays from 9pm-3am and Saturday & Sunday from 9pm-2am.

Off season hours vary. Malibu’s Surf Bar open 4-5 nights a week. Always open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Q:  What is the dress code?

A:  Proper attire is required at Malibu’s Surf Bar and Tiki Bar. This includes, but is not limited to:

NO oversized or baggy clothing
NO athletic wear
NO headgear of any kind
NO men’s tank tops
NO plain undershirts
NO men’s plain white T’shirts
NO oversized Shirts
NO men’s pants worn below the waist
NO sunglasses worn inside the venues

Shoes must be worn at all times while inside any of our locations. Management reserves the right to refuse anyone that does not adhere to the dress code policy.

Q:  Is there a cover charge?

A:  One admission grants you access to all 3 of our venues. Guests 18 – 20 years of age will pay a $20 cover, those 21+ will pay $10 – $15. Admission may be less during the week depending on time of year. Be sure to come out early for the best rates. Admission is cash only so please visit an ATM prior to your arrival.

Q: Is VIP service offered?

A: Yes, VIP sections are available. They book up quickly so make arrangements early. Call 843-444-3500 or email our VIP host Alyssa at alyssa4celebrations@yahoo.com for information and to reserve your spot.

Q: Is there anything offered for large groups or Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties?

A: Yes, we offer a variety of options. You may fill out a booking/inquiry form on this website. You may also contact Alyssa at alyssa4celebrations@yahoo.com or call 843-444-3500 or email info@celebrationsnitelife.com .

Q: Do Malibu’s Surf Bar and OZ connect on the inside?

A: Yes, there is opening inside the clubs that connect the two together.

Q: Is Malibu’s Surf Bar smoke-free?

A: Yes ,we are a smoke-free venue. Smoking is only permitted at the outdoor Tiki Bar.

Q: Is there re-entry into Malibu’s Surf Bar?

A: Yes, when you pay admission you will receive a bracelet as long as you still have the bracelet on when you re-enter you will be admitted back into Malibu’s Surf Bar.

Q: What type of music is played at Malibu’s Surf Bar?

A: Malibu’s Surf Bar DJ’s spin all your favorite party hits. From old school, sing along, dance party jams, Top 40 to Today’s hottest hits and everything in between.

Q: What time is last call?

A: Last call for hard liquor is nightly at 1:45 am. Last call for beer and wine is typically 15 minutes before closing time. For example, if it is Friday night and Malibu’s Surf Bar is closing at 3 am last call for hard liquor will be around 1:45 am and last call for beer and wine will be around 2:45 am. *State Law requires all establishments to stop serving hard liquor at 2am nightly. State law also requires establishments to close at 2am on Saturday and Sunday.

Q:What time is the live acoustic music on the Tiki Bar?

A: Live acoustic music is from 7-9pm on the Tiki Bar. The live music on the Tiki Bar is free to listen with a full service bar open to quench your thirst.