World Famous Pub Crawl

Many years ago Celebrations Nitelife in conjunction with Broadway Louie’s and Fat Tuesday’s started a Tuesday night party that turned into an epic pub crawl that continues today. Every Tuesday night join us for the World famous pub crawl.
Start your night off by heading to Malibu’s Tiki Bar for live acoustic music and to get your pub crawl pass. Once you get your pass head to the Tiki Bar order a beverage of your choice and get your pass punched. Then at your own pace head to the next stop of the pub crawl and so on and so on until you’ve visited Broadway Louie’s, Fat Tuesdays , Oz and Malibu’s Surf Bar and all your stops have been punched. The final stop is inside Malibu’s Surf Bar where once you’ve completed the crawl you will turn in your pass for a free signature Pub Crawl T-Shirt.
The pub crawl is free for all patrons and is a go at your own pace event. This way you can hang with friends in any of the establishments as long as you want while  enjoying all they have to offer. Each venue has different entertainment and pub crawl speciality drinks so be sure to visit them all during your crawl.
                                         “WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN CRAWL “